Sari describes Talabani’s return to Baghdad as Positive initiative to settle crisis

Sari describes Talabani\

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of Jihad and Building Movement and MP, of the Citizen bloc, Hassan al-Sari, considered the return of the President, Jalal Talabani, to Iraq as “A positive initiative to settle the crisis.”

He stated in a press statement received by on Sunday “The religious authority assured that Talabani is the person who can bring safety to all the Iraqis where we hope him to be the preserver of the constitution and the political process without segregation among all the constituents of the Iraqi people.”

“Talabani’s return to Baghdad is a positive step that can settle all the pending issues between the Central Government and Kurdistan Region by his presidential and political influence,” he added.

“There is a respect to Talabani by all the blocs and it is possible to settle the current crisis,” he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that Talabani returned to Baghdad, coming from Sulaimaniyah province on Monday the 3rd of December, to discuss the means of settling the political crisis in Iraq.

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