Sihail, UNDP discuss waters sector of Iraq

Sihail, UNDP discuss waters sector of Iraq

Baghdad ( The First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Qusai al-Sihail discussed with a delegation from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) headed by the Regional Director, Peter Bajlor, the establishment of the National Council for Waters in Iraq.

A statement by Sihail’s media office cited that “Sihail received a delegation from the UNDP where the meeting discussed the problems faced by Iraq in the waters sector especially with the neighboring countries.”

“The 1st Deputy Speaker referred to the significance of forming the National Council of Waters as it will help molding a strategy to run the waters sector and set solutions for the problems in this sector,” the statement added.

“Bajlor displayed what is done by the UNDP in Iraq particularly in forming the earlier mentioned council, stressing willingness to cooperate with Iraq to address the problems suffered by the Iraqi waters sector,” the statement concluded.

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