Iraqi National News, latest national Iraqi news.


Iraqi National News, latest national Iraqi news.

84.3 percent of Kurds support independent Kurdistan

( Erbil — A survey conducted by the American University of Kurdistan (AUK) at Duhok's Center for Peace and Human Security and the Institute...

Sadr unhappy with Iraqi cabinet reshuffle

( Baghdad – Commenting on the new cabinet reshuffle in Iraq, strong Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has expressed his dissatisfaction and said that he...

Over 9000 families return to Jalawla in Diyala

( Diyala – Administration of Jalawla in Diyala province announced that a number of displaced persons of the area have returned and added that so far over 9000...

Abadi’s intervention in judiciary affairs surprises Jabouri

( Baghdad - Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jubouri on Tuesday expressed his surprise at the 'interference' of Prime Minister in judiciary affairs. Jabouri said that the...

Iraqi Parliament approves partial cabinet reshuffle

( Baghdad - A source in the Iraqi Parliament on Monday informed that the Parliament approved a partial Cabinet reshuffle today, which is in...

Sadr to Iraqi government: Prevent spread of night clubs

( Baghdad - On Saturday, cleric Moqtada al Sadr called on the government to take some steps for preventing the spread of cabarets in Baghdad. Sadr,replying to...

Baiji receives 610 displaced families from Sharqat and areas south of Mosul

( Salahuddin – Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement informed that the number of displaced families from Salahuddin province have increased to over 12,000 families. The Head...

Iraqi Health Minister resigns after 12 newborns die in Baghdad hospital fire

( Baghdad – Iraqi Health Minister Adila Hamoud, submitted her resignation after the death of 12 newborns in a fire at Yarmouk Hospital in...

Iraqi Parliament lifts diplomatic immunity against Jubouri

( Baghdad - Iraqi parliament on Tuesday voted in favor of lifting diplomatic immunity of President Saleem al-Jubouri on the backdrops of accusations made...

Minister of Education introduce project to change educational system in Iraq

( Baghdad - Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal announced on Monday for introducing a project to change the educational system in Iraq, adding that...

Around 50000 IDPs return to Ramadi

( Anbar – Administration of Ramadi district announced that 50 thousand displaced person have returned to the liberated areas in Ramadi. Mayor of Ramadi Ibrahim...

Barzani promises to liberate Christian lands usurped by ISIS

( Erbil - President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani on Friday promised to liberate the Christian lands, which are being presently controlled by...


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