Kurdistan RegionG to establish psychiatric hospital in Erbil

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The Ministry of Health in Kurdistan Regional Government announced planning to establish a psychiatric hospital in Erbil province.The Kurdistan RegionG reported in statement received by IraqiNews.com ”The Minister of Health, Rashid Hima, in Kurdistan RegionG assured that the Ministry is working to inaugurate a center to treat psychopaths in Erbil province.””The Minister of Health took a tour in the departments related to psychopaths treatment and called to take more care about the patients in order to make them capable of living within the society again,” the statement added. \


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  1. Thanks Lord To have this step.Kurdistan region have to have a mental health hospital.You know important of Language in treating Psychiatric patients.A patient from Zakho area will not be able to understand a phusician from Sulaimania and Vice Versa.
    Dr.Khorsheed Taha A physician since 1961

  2. Thanks Lord To have this step. Kurdistan Region have to have a mental health hospital.You know the importance of Language in taking care of mental Patients.

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