Wednesday, August 10, 2022


USAID to help provide uninterrupted electricity supply to Iraq

USAID assures working on providing uninterrupted supply of electric power in Iraq

Baghdad ( The USAID in Iraq assured its cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity to provide an uninterrupted supply of the electric power to Iraq.

A statement by the USAID received by cited “Most people would agree that a regular, uninterrupted supply of electricity is essential for life in the 21st Century. That is why the USAID Administrative Reform Program, known as Tarabot, is working with Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity so that more Iraqis will eventually have uninterrupted power supplies.”

“Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity is currently reforming the national electricity sector in line with international practices and according the lessons learned from other countries. As part of this effort, USAID-Tarabot last month met with the Policy Unit of the Ministry of Electricity to review international electricity regulatory reform practices,” the statement added.

“USAID continues to work with the Government of Iraq through the Administrative Reform Project/Tarabot to develop service delivery to the Iraqi people,” the statement concluded.

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