Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Bomb blast in western Baghdad, seven casualties

 Bomb blast in western Baghdad, seven casualties

A site of a bomb blast. File photo.

A bomb blast. Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Baghdad – A source in the Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday, that a bomb blast in western Baghdad killed at least two (2) persons and leaving five (5) others injured.

In a detailed information, shared by the source, it was revealed, “This evening an improvised explosive device exploded near a confectionery factory at al-Ghazaliyah in western Baghdad, killing two (2) persons and injuring (5) others.”

“Security forces rushed to the blast area and transferred the injured to a nearby hospital, where they are now being treated upon. The bodies of the deceased were sent to the forensic department. Security cordon has been imposed around the area and approach to it has been stopped,” the source added in his information.

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