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Boy’s body with gunshot wounds found in Mosul’s Old City

 Boy’s body with gunshot wounds found in Mosul’s Old City

Iraqi police forces in Mosul (Reuters)

Iraqi police forces in Mosul (Reuters)
Mosul (Iraqinews.com) Security forces have found a body of a boy with gunshot wounds in the Old City of Mosul, Shafaaq News reported on Sunday.

A security source told Shafaaq that a body of a boy, 13 years, with gunshot injuries, was found in Ras al-Jaddah neighborhood in Mosul’s old city.

Furthermore, the source added that a civilian was killed as an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded inside his house.

On another note, a policeman was injured as unknown assailants attacked a check point in western Mosul.

The Iraqi government declared victory over Islamic State militants in western Mosul earlier this month, saying it concluded more than eight months of battles to recapture the city which the militants held as the capital of their self-styled “caliphate” since 2014. The eastern side of the city was retaken late January.

Following the declaration of victory, Iraqi forces have been in efforts to comb the recaptured areas for remnant IS cells, countering occasional attacks by the group and arresting many hiding among civilian refugees.

IS lost more than 250.000 fighters in the Mosul campaign, according to Iraqi commanders.

The group still holds a few holdouts in Nineveh, Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Anbar, all the targets for future offensives by the Iraqi forces, the U.S.-led coalition and pro-government paramilitary troops.

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