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UPDATED: Iraqi forces retake 12 out of 28 Tal Afar neighborhoods

 UPDATED: Iraqi forces retake 12 out of 28 Tal Afar neighborhoods

Iraqi army forces in Tal Afar.

Iraqi army forces in Tal Afar.

Tal Afar ( Iraqi government troops and allied paramilitary forces managed Friday to retake more areas in Tal Afar as operations proceed to regain control of Islamic State militants’ last enclave in Nineveh, with the total of recaptured areas standing at 12.

Lt. Gen Abdul-Amir Yarallah, head of the Joint Operations Command’s field task, said forces recaptured 12 out of 28 neighborhoods of Tal Afar. He said Federal Police and Popular Mobilization Forces took over the Tal Afar electricity storage facility besides al-Taleea and al-Nasr neighborhoods.

Yarallah added that forces also took control of al-Nedaa, Khadraa and Muhalabiya regions, and became on the outskirts of al-Qalaa district. They also recaptured a so-called “Kheder Elias” shrine.

Federal Police chief Shaker Jawdat said his forces retook Saad district, northwest of Tal Afar, and prepared to invade al-Qadisiya, another neighborhood.


The government declared the launch of Tal Afar operations last Sunday. Iraqi military commanders have reported daily advances and retaking of IS-held territory since Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered the launch of offensives on Sunday.

Past operations by the Popular Mobilization Forces, the paramilitary troops backing government forces, had managed, until the end of June, to isolate Tal Afar from the Syrian borders and from the rest of Nineveh. 

The United Nations says more than 30.000 were displaced as operations launched for the enclave.


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