Islamic State bans pens and watches inside mosques in Mosul

Islamic State's members in Mosul. File Photo
Islamic State’s members. File Photo

Nineveh ( A local source in Nineveh revealed, that the Islamic State deployed armed detachments at the gates of many mosques in some areas of Mosul, to prevent the entry of pens and watches with worshipers into mosques, Alsumaria News reported on Saturday.

The source told Alsumaria News, “Armed detachments belonging to the Islamic State were deployed before Jum’a (Friday) Prayer, at the gates of the mosques of the western side of Mosul.”

“The detachments rigorously inspected all worshipers, confiscated their pens and watches temporarily, before allowing them to enter the mosques,” the source explained.

“The Islamic State suspected that pens and watches might contain hidden cameras, after the movies recently published by the Intelligence Service about penetrating the terrorist group’s hideouts in Mosul,” the source further added.

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