Sadr condemns Fallujah clashes

Sadr condemns Fallujah clashes

Najaf ( The head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, condemned the clashes took place in Fallujah district on Friday.

A statement by Sadr’s office received by cited “Sadr stresses the peaceful nature of the demonstrations and urged the demonstrators as well as the security forces to show self-restrain to protect the citizens.”

The security forces imposed a curfew in Fallujah district in Anbar province on the background of the clashes took place earlier in the district on Friday.

The reporter of stated “The decision of imposing the curfew was declared through the speakers of the mosques due to the clashes took place on Friday.”

Earlier, a medial source within Fallujah General Hospital stated to Iraqi News ( “45 of the demonstrators were injured and two others were killed when the elements of the Iraqi Army opened fire against them to prevent them from joining the sit-in.”

It is worth mentioning that Anbar province witnesses Friday Prayer under high security measures by the police forces.

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