Thursday, June 30, 2022


Security forces repulse ISIS attack south of Kirkuk

 Security forces repulse ISIS attack south of Kirkuk

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Security forces repulsed ISIS attack on al-Zarka area and killed 28 ISIS members.

( Kirkuk – Taking on the ISIS at south of Kirkuk, the al-Hashed al-Turkmai forces on Saturday not only did repulse an attack launched by it but also managed to gun down twenty-eight (28) members of the organization

In a press statement, the supervisor of al-Hashed al-Turkmani in Kirkuk province Major General Abu Reda al-Najjar, said, “Forces from al-Hashed al-Turkmani today morning not only managed to repulse an attack launched by the ISIS at al-Zarka and the surrounding villages, south of Kirkuk, but also killed twenty-eight (28) ISIS members.”

Najjar added, “Al-Hashed al-Turkmani deployed detachments along the roads and areas near al-Zarka in a bid to prevent further possible attacks from the ISIS.”

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