Tuesday, July 5, 2022


6 Iraqi Army soldiers trapped under rubble seek rescue

Urgent ... 6 IA Soldiers asking to be rescued from under the rubble in AnbarBabel, Hilla (IraqiNews.com) Six Iraqi Army soldiers, from Babel and Nineveh provinces, asked for help from their families and the local governments to rescue them in Karma area within Anbar province.

A source in Babel Governorate reported to IraqiNews.com “Four soldiers from Babel and two others from Nineveh raided a house in Karma area in Anbar within a security operation to chase the terrorists of what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

”The house, which was set as a booby trap, was detonated when the soldiers were inside it,” the source added, noting that ”The soldiers managed to call their families asking them for rescue since they are under rubble for the fourth day so far.”

”The families of the soldiers appealed Anbar local government to rescue the soldiers and facilitate the entry of ambulances to the area to transport the soldiers,” the source concluded.

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