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URGENT: ISIS beheads Kurdish female fighter “Rehana”

WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES Kobani, Syria ( ISIS militants fighting over the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani reportedly beheaded the Kurdish fighter known as Rehana.

The young famous soldier defended Kobani over the past few weeks and killed over 100 ISIS militants. Rehana’s picture holding her gun and making a V-sign was widely-distributed on social networks and now a picture of an ISIS militant holding her decapitated head is making the rounds.

It is estimated that female fighters form about 30% of the Kurdish forces defending Kobani. All of them are volunteers according to the leader of the female fighters, Mayass Abdo.

UPDATE 28/10/2014:

Kurdish journalist denies ISIS killed “Rehana”

Baghdad ( Rehana, the Syrian Kurdish girl claimed to be killed by ISIS is reported to be alive and well according to the Kurdish journalist, Pawan Durani.

Rehana’s picture smiling and making the V-sign was widely distributed on social networks but then replaced by another picture that went viral on Twitter showing an ISIS militant holding a decapitated head of a female figure, claiming it belonged to the Kurdish female fighter “Rehana”.

The Kurdish journalist, Pawan Durani, reported today that the famous Kurdish fighter is still alive and hunting ISIS fighters in the strategic town of Kobani. Durani wrote “Rehana is very much alive. ISIS supporters are just trying to lift morale.”

“Rehana keeps fighting and hunting ISIS militants in Kobani. Let them produce even a single picture of Rehana. Propaganda and falsehood run in their blood.”

Rehana, has become a famous symbol after she killed more than a hundred ISIS militants in Ain Al-Arab, Kobani. Rehana is fighting for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which includes an Independent Women’s Battalion for female volunteers.

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