Thursday, June 30, 2022


URGENT: Red Crescent claims ISIL detained more than 100 Christian, Yahzidi families at Tal Afar airport, killed all the men, herded women to unknown place to sell them as slaves

Iraqi-Red-Crescent-Society( The Iraqi Red Crescent Society revealed, on Monday, that the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant had transferred Christian and Yahzidi women to an unknown place after they detained them and their families at Tal Afar airport to sell them as “slaves.”

The Assistant Secretary-General of the association, Mohammed Alkhozai said, in an interview for, that “elements of ISIL detained more than 100 families at the Tal Afar airport; killing all the men, while they kept the women and children.”

Alkhozai indicated that “the elements of ISIL herded Yahzidi and Christian women to an unknown place with the aim of selling them as slaves of an enemy.”

He described that “it is a crime against humanity and human rights,” noting that “The Red Crescent condemns this crime against civilians and it must be stopped.”

He declared that “we are a humanitarian organization. We condemn such crimes against humanity and we call for the international community to intervene. Also, we call for humanitarian organizations to intervene forcefully to stop these crimes.”

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