Activists: Coalition airstrikes leave 100 casualties in Raqqa in 4 days

Activists: Coalition airstrikes leave 100 casualties in Raqqa in 4 days
International coalition aircraft. File photo.

Raqqa (Syria News) 32 civilians were killed and others were wounded un air strikes conducted by the international coalition aircraft on al-Sakhani neighborhood, in central Raqqa, activists told Enab Baladi on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Islamic State-owned “Amaq” agency stated that 18 civilians were killed in an air strike and US artillery shelling on al-Badw area in the city of Raqqa.

Also, the Syrian Democratic Forces pointed out that the battles are still ongoing in the eastern neighborhoods of the city of Raqqa (Mansour, Rasheed and old Raqqa), amid rockets shelling and aerial cover.

Furthermore, Amaq reported that the international coalition air force has committed a massacre near Dawar al-Naeem area in the city, killing more than 40 civilians, including children.

It is noteworthy that a UN report revealed that over 240 thousand civilians left the city of Raqqa, due to the ongoing battles between the Syrian Democratic Forces and Islamic State.

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  1. It’s time for the citizens of city of Raqqa to step up and start killing these IS pigs.
    This is your town no these IS pigs.
    If you do nothing, when you look back years from now, you will be discussed at your inaction’s.

    Kill these IS piglets, don’t wait on someone else.

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