Air raids in Syria’s Aleppo destroy four hospitals

Smoke erupts in Aleppo, Syria, after air strike. File Photo.
Smoke erupts in Aleppo, Syria, after air strike. File Photo.

( Baghdad- Due to air raids in the last 24 hours on Aleppo city in Syria, four makeshift hospitals and a local blood bank have been destroyed. This was informed by a well placed source in the Ministry of Interiors.

“Doctors in the battered Syrian city of Aleppo informed that in the past 24 hours, continuous air raids have not only destroyed four makeshift hospitals and a local blood bank, but it also killed a two-day-old baby in the children’s hospital,” the source said quoting the Independent Doctor’s Association (IDA), a group of Syrian doctors that supports clinics in Aleppo.

“The doctors could only yell for their colleagues to take cover and shield the babies,” the source further informed quoting an IDA statement.
According to information available, the four hospitals that were hit are the children’s hospital, Al-Bayan, Al-Zahraa, and Al-Daqaq.

“These hospitals will be out of service as a result of the escalating series of aerial attacks taking place in Aleppo by Syrian and Russian warplanes,” further added the source quoting IDA.

It may be mentioned here that according to World Health Organization, Syria was the most dangerous place for health care workers to operate in 2015 with 135 attacks on health facilities and workers in the year.

For one’s information it may be noted that over 280,000 people have been killed and millions forced to flee since Syria’s conflict began in 2011.

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