Battles between Houthis and Yemeni Army escalated in Lahij, Hajjah and Taiz

yemeni army
Yemeni fighters loyal to the Saudi-backed Yemeni president stand by armoured vehicles at a position which was taken from Shiite-Houthi rebels in a mountainous region northwest of the central city of Taiz, on April 20, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SALEH AL-OBEIDI

( Battles between Yemeni regime forces, backed by the Saudi Arabian-led coalition, and Ansar Allah militants have escalated in the province of Lahij, in southern Yemen, and in the provinces of Hajjah and Taiz, Sputnik News reported on Wednesday.

A Yemeni official source informed, “20 soldiers of the current President Abd Rabou Mansour Hady forces were either killed or wounded, in two different attacks on the Houthis headquarters in al-Kahous and al-Rakiza Mounts, in al- Jawaze’a area in Tur al-Baha District.”

Meanwhile, Ansar Allah militants, and the allied militias to the former President, are still advancing into the mountains and areas of al-Qabbaytah and Tur al-Baha Districts, the source added.

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