Bomb blasts kill over 10 persons in Syrian Raqqa

Bomb blasts kill over 10 persons in Syrian Raqqa
Representational photo.

(IraqiNews) Two bomb blasts shook the Syrian city of Raqqa, yesterday, killing more than 10 persons.

a local source informed that the two bomb blasts took place near Dawar al-Naeem in the city center. An improvised explosive device went off first followed by a booby-trapped vehicle explosion, he added.

Security forces cordoned off the area and started a to investigate the incident, while transferred the bodies to the forensic medicine department.

The explosions took place after the General Command of the Interior Forces in northern and eastern Syria announced a security plan for Eid al-Fitr, including a curfew on private and public transport from June 3 to 6 June 2019.

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