Egyptian leader in HTS rejects Russian-Turkish’s buffer zone in Idlib

Egyptian leader in HTS rejects Russian-Turkish's buffer zone in Idlib
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Idlib (Syria News) Egyptian leader in Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Abulyakathan al-Masry, vowed on Saturday, to continue fighting in the province of Idlib, rejecting the Russian-Turkish agreement to establish a buffer zone.

In a video footage published on Telegram, the leader refused to withdraw from the buffer zone and said, “How could we leave our stationing points that were captured with the efforts of young men?”

Abulyakathan also considered the withdrawal from the buffer zone as a retreat to Khan Shaikhoun Town in the south, Suraqib in the east and Jisr al-Shaghour in the west. Furthermore, he revealed that the establishing of a buffer zone means ending the fighting in the area (Jihad).

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