Iran-backed militias are greatest threat to Iraq’s stability, says former CIA director

The former president of "CIA", Gen. David Petraeus
The former president of “CIA”, Gen. David Petraeus

( The former CIA director, Gen. David Petraeus said that the Iran-backed Shiite militias, not the Islamic State (IS), represent the greatest threat to Iraq’s long-term stability, accusing them of killing ISIS elements and civilians alike, warning that these militias may be out of the government’s control.

CNN quoted Petraeus as saying that, “Those militias, many funded and trained by Iran, have been an important part of efforts to push ISIS out of Syria, but they have also been accused of war crimes– allegedly murdering not just ISIS fighters, but also Sunni civilians.”

Petraeus added that, “They have, to a degree, been both part of Iraq’s salvation but also the most serious threat to the all-important effort of once again getting the Sunni Arab population in Iraq to feel that it has a stake in the success of Iraq rather than a stake in its failure.”

Petraeus continued, “Longer term, Iranian-backed Shia militia could emerge as the preeminent power in the country, one that is outside the control of the government and instead answerable to Tehran.”


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