Friday, August 12, 2022


Iraqi Torah manuscript arrives in Israel


( On Thursday, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that, the Iraqi manuscript of Torah has arrived in Israel, indicating that it has been restored and is now ready for daily prayers in Jerusalem.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a press statement, quoted by the Israeli newspaper ‘Times of Israel’, and followed with, “The Iraqi manuscript of Torah arrived today to the Foreign Ministry building from Kurdistan across Baghdad and Amman; it will be used for daily prayer there.”

The ministry added, “The manuscript was restored and is now ready to be used in rituals by the Torah Authority in Jerusalem,” adding that,”It was put in an old case brought from Aleppo to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.”

Israeli Foreign Ministry indicated that, “The manuscript restoration process took seven months, then it was brought to the headquarters of the Israeli Foreign Ministry where Israeli diplomats have been serving for years,” pointing out that, “Saddam’s secret police had a special interest in the script.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry also said, “The ceremony of declaration of the Torah manuscript arrival to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was attended by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, and a number of members of the Kurdish Jewish community and the ministry staff,” pointing out that, “The Israeli FM considered the manuscript trip from Kurdistan to Baghdad and Amman and then to Jerusalem a reminder of Jewish nation’s destiny.”


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