Islamic State set oil fields in Raqqa ablaze

Islamic State set oil fields in Raqqa ablaze
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Raqqa (Syria News) The self-proclaimed Islamic State group, on Sunday, set several oil wells ablaze in the southern countryside of Raqqa, after being recaptured by the Syrian regime forces yesterday.

Qasioun News reported that the Islamic State group burned the oil wells and gas lines extended from al-Rasafa area till al-Akrishi village, in the southern countryside of Raqqa.

After invading the city of Raqqa, the radical group captured the oil fields of al-Wahab, al-Fahd, Debisan and al-Kabeer, and the oil wells of al-Qusier, Abu al-Qetat and Abu Katash, in addition to the villages of Mashrafa Anbah, Falah Rajab, Kharbet Muhanad, Souh Albukhamis, Mansoura Shuwaihan, Halima and Somihan, and used them as funding sources.

The Islamic State group managed to capture these areas after the withdrawal of the Syrian rebels early in 2014.

Yesterday, regime forces, backed by foreign militias, managed to recapture several oil fields from the Islamic State group, including Wahib, Fahda and Dubisan oil fields in the western countryside of Raqqa.

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