Thursday, December 2, 2021


 Islamic State, Syrian forces agree on swapping 100 militants, releasing kidnapped women

Idlib is the sole large region in Syria, which remains under the control of illegal armed formations.

Islamic State, Syrian forces agree on swapping 100 militants, releasing kidnapped women

Syrian army troops.
Baghdad ( Local sources from Syria’s southern city of As Suwaida have said an undeclared agreement was made between the Syrian regime and Islamic State to release the Druze kidnapped women, in return for 100 militants, BasNews reported on Tuesday.

Islamic State has reportedly kidnapped tens of women in al-Shubki village, east of As Suwaida, during its attack against the province which left hundreds killed and injured.

Around 400 militants of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Walid, which vowed alliance to the group, were transferred from the regions they control in al-Yarmouk basin, east of As Suwaida, along with their weapons and families.

The group, according to the source, made negotiations with the Syrian government to transfer the militants from al-Yarmouk basin to the countryside of As Suwaidaa.

The militants then gathered at Daraa province, before being transferred secretly in groups over two full days.

The agreement will also include releasing IS members, estimated at around 100 members, in return for the kidnapped civilians, who were killed during the attack.

In May, the Syrian forces transferred IS members from al-Yarmouk camp, south of Damascus to the countryside of As Suwaida, in accordance with an undeclared agreement.

Army has been intensifying airstrikes against the militants in al-Yarmouk basin, which inflicted huge losses in lives and equipments on the militants.


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