Negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program require more time, says Kerry

Iran Flag

( US Secretary of State John Kerry denied that the negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program are extended until after the deadline on November 24 to reach an agreement. The International Atomic Energy Agency asked Tehran for further cooperation in the meanwhile.

Kerry told reporters in Paris before heading to Vienna to join the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the ‘5 +1’ group (China, the United States, France, Britain, Russia and Germany), “We do not discuss extension, we only discuss reaching an agreement.”

Prior to his arrival in Vienna, and after a meeting with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius in Paris, Kerry admitted that overcoming the differences with Iran over its nuclear program requires more time, considering the possibility of failure to reach agreement meet the deadline on the 24th of November.

For his part, the European Union expressed its ‘deep regret’ over the lack of progress in the negotiation process that began in the Austrian capital Vienna coincided with the meeting of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency board.


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