One killed, 22 others injured in bomb blast among SDF supporters, north of Syria

Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces militia.

Minbaj ( At least 23 people were killed and injured on Thursday as a blast took place in north of Syria among protesting supporters of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Speaking to BasNews, local sources from Minbaj said a blast occurred in al-Hayya town in the countryside of the city as citizens were gathering to protest against Turkish forces, which left casualties.

The blast, according to the sources, resulted from a landmine planted near a school, leaving a civilian killed and 22 others injured.

Meanwhile, two powerful blasts, believed to have resulted from two booby-trapped cars, occurred in Jarabulus city, controlled by the pro-Turkish factions Euphrates Shield.

On Wednesday, U.S. forces demarcated the borders between regions under the control of Minbaj military council, an ally of SDF and Euphrates Shield, between Jarabulus and Minbaj.

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  1. SDF supporters? This isn’t a game. The bomb went off in the middle of Manbij and aimed to target the people who live there. If someone sets off a bomb in Mosul, do you say it went off “among Iraq supporters” ??? Please show some respect to the victims in a city whose population is also being threatened at this time with invasion and slaughter by al Qaeda FSA / Turkey jihadis.

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