Overthrowing Saddam Hussein was wrong says U.S. presidential candidate

US presidential candidate of the Republican Party Rand Paul
US presidential candidate of the Republican Party Rand Paul (Right)

( on Tuesday, US presidential candidate of the Republican Party Rand Paul considered the ouster of the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein as a wrong decision, stressing that the divisions between Sunni and Shia turned Iraq into a “vassal state” of Iran.

The British newspaper ‘The Observer’ quoted Paul during an interview in a Hebrew school in the U.S. city of Brooklyn, New York: “The overthrow of Saddam was a wrong decision because he was a bulwark against Iran.”

Paul added, according to the website, “I do not support a war with Iran over its nuclear program,” noting that “the divisions between Sunni and Shia have been exacerbated because of war,” adding that, “they turned Iraq into a “vassal state” of Iran; that which makes Iran much stronger than before.”

He continued that “the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would have the same effect.”


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  1. And he’s full of s**t! Al-Abadi’s gov’t has control over every situation in Iraq right now, and Iran has no influencein their plans. The Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds have it locked down now, and no one (including ISIL) will take that away, unless they can’t find a reason to execute the corrupt Nouri Al-Maliki, who promotes the sectarian violence amongst the tribes. Allah will show no mercy to him. Nor will any deity. Oust him, and let the gov’t give control to the tribes, and see where Iraq will be! Can you say united!?!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Thorn, Rand Paul is ballless just like Obama.. Maliki is to corrupt and should be in prison.

  3. Rand Paul has more f’n balls than you think he does- If it wasn’t for him ratting out the cabal, you’d be in a FEMA camp by now, get it? Obama wants us all dead, in case you haven’t noticed- Check out Jade Helm 15, and see how that grabs your stupid a*s- I hope you all have your guns and ammo, because you’re going to need them-So don’t run your mouths about things you know little about- Get with the program and think before you speak-

  4. Terbo. I have more than plenty of weapons and ammo. I stockpiled well before Obama came to office. I knew what was to happen. And just so you know, I AM with the program. I’m not demo, not repub…I’m a goddamn realist. Before you sling your tongue about anyone, try doing your homework first, before you come off with that weak a*s s**t. Rand Paul IS wrong, will always be wrong, and is no better than Obama With his decision making capabilities. (drop the mic)

  5. …and in regards to the military exercise Jade Helm 15…I live right next door to Ft Bragg, was in the US Air Force, and have been involved with the military my entire life (I still work in security with ex-members of JSOC and USASOC). These exercises happen daily, when the rest of the world has no idea. Training is a mandatory need, and the less the public (like yourself) knows about their exercises, the better. So, just like the rest of the conspiracy theorists, if you think you know, do what you have to do, as will I. I’m out.

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