Rebels kill 15 Syrian army members in Jober neighborhood

Rebels kill 15 Syrian army members in Jober neighborhood
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Damascus (Syria News) More than 15 members of the Syrian army were killed, on Saturday, in an ambush set by al-Rahman Legion in Jober neighborhood, in the province of Damascus.

Qasioun News reported that over 15 members of the government forces, belonging to the 4th army brigade, were killed, this morning, in an ambush set by the rebels’ al-Rahman Legion, in Jober neighborhood.

Meanwhile, army forces shelled the area and neighborhood of Shimland, using more than five GGM, causing only material losses.

It is noteworthy that it is the eightieth operation conducted by al-Rahman legion on the outskirts of Jober neighborhood, in order to isolate the neighborhood from the towns and villages of Eastern Ghouta and Rif Dimashq.

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