Russian airstrike kills Sham Legion members in Idlib

Russian airstrike kills Sham Legion members in Idlib
Representational photo.

Idlib (Syria News) More than thirty members of Sham Legion were either killed or wounded in a Russian air strike on their headquarters in Tal Mardikh area, in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

Enab Baladi News reported that the Russian warplanes bombarded the headquarters of Sham Legion, killing more than ten members of the legion and wounding 30 others.

The Russian warplanes also carried out over ten air strike on a cave where the legion members took cover during the aerial shelling, killing all the members, while Civil Defense teams are still trying search for more casualties.

It is noteworthy that the Russian and Syrian Air Forces have escalated their air strikes on cities and towns of the southern countryside of Idlib and northern countryside of Hama, in the last few days.

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