SDF announce capturing 55% of Syrian Raqqa

SDF announce capturing 55% of Syrian Raqqa
Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces. File photo.

Raqqa (Syria News) The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced, on Monday, capturing more than half the city of Raqqa, while pointed out that the battles are ongoing inside the city, Enab Baladi News reported.

The Syrian Democratic Forces militia announced, today, that it expanded its control over the city of Raqqa, after advancing into al-Bareed neighborhood, southwest of the city, and recapturing the headquarters of the Military Police, Civil Defense and others.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State-owned Amaq News Agency did not publish any details regarding the areas the radical group controls in Raqqa since the start of the offensive.

SDF Media Office Director, Mostafa Bali, said that the battles are now concentrated northwest of Raqa, especially in the neighborhoods of Nahda, Bareed and Rawda.


It is noteworthy that an operation, codenamed “Wrath of the Euphrates” was launched early in June 2017, to liberate Raqqa, while SDF managed to recapture several neighborhoods and military headquarters.

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