Syrian army violates de-escalation agreement and shells several cities

Syrian army violates de-escalation agreement and shells several cities
Troops of the Syrian army. File photo.

Homs (Syria News) The Syrian army troops attacked, on Saturday, several cities in different provinces in Syria, in a new violation for the recent de-escalation agreement.

Qasioun News reported that the Syrian regime aircraft have carried out four air strikes on the cities of Tal Zahab and Kafr Laha, north of Homs, while artillery troops shelled the cities, causing only material damage.

Meanwhile in Damascus, Jober neighborhood was shelled using four ground-to-ground missiles, despite Eastern Ghouta agreement to halt all battles and operations in the area.

The Syrian army artillery also shelled the residential neighborhoods in Ayn Tarma City, in the countryside of Damascus; however, no damage was reported.

It is noteworthy that Syrian government forces and allied militia are continue violating the de-escalation agreement in Homs and Eastern Ghouta, despite the Russian guarantee to stop all military operations in both areas.

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