Syrian Democratic Fighters killed in bomb explosion, southeast of Hasaka

Fighters from the Democratic Forces of Syria gather around the al-Khatoniyah lake area after they took control of it from Islamic State militants, near al Houl town in Hasaka province, Syria November 14, 2015. A U.S.-backed Syrian rebel alliance on Friday captured the town of al Houl in Hasaka province, which had been held by Islamic State militants, a spokesman for the Kurdish fighters, part of the grouping, said. It was the first significant advance against IS by the Democratic Forces of Syria, which was formed last month. REUTERS/Rodi Said

Baghdad ( Two fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed, Monday, as a booby-trapped vehicle exploded in the southwestern side of al-Hasaka.

Two fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed as a result of an explosion of a bomb planted by unknown people in a vehicle that was carrying them on the road of al-Makhzoum village, southwest of Hasaka, local sources told BasNews.

Islamic State members, according to the sources, carried out recently several operations that left many SDF fighters killed. These operations seek intimidating the residents after the area controlled by the group diminished to a small pocket, east of Euphrates, near the Iraqi borders.

Meanwhile, SFD did not make clarifications about the explosion.

The Islamic State’s last stronghold in east of Euphrates includes villages of al-Bagoz, Hajin, al-Shaafa, al-Sousah, Abu Khater and abul Hassan.

In September, each of the Coalition and SDF announced the launch of operations, east of Euphrates.
SDF controls 28 percent of the Syrian lands, becoming the second controller of lands, after the regime forces, which control around 60 percent.

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