Syrian regime forces hit Daraa using GGM

Syrian regime forces hit Daraa using GGM
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Daraa (Syria News) Assad forces and its allied militias attacked the opposition-held areas in Daraa, using ground-to-ground missiles, Enab Baladi News reported on Friday.

The news outlet revealed that, today, more than 15 ground-to-ground missiles were fired on the neighborhoods of Daraa, since the early morning; however, no casualties were reported.

The shelling also extended to the town of Tafas, in the western countryside of the province, in addition to several cities and towns in the eastern countryside.

Meanwhile, pro-regime media outlets pointed out that regime artillery troops are carrying out heavy shelling on the opposition’s headquarters in Daraa al-Balad.

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  1. Great Syrian is a sovrin state who has been invaded buy a countries who give advanced arms to terrorists within that land. The point is how many elected leaders are going to be overturned by other means than by the will of their own people, intashonal law, the UN, become worthless as might, money and the multi mass media take over.

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