Syrian regime forces launch assault on Jobar, dozens of casualties

Syrian regime forces launch assault on Jobar, dozens of casualties
Syrian rebels. File photo.

Damascus (Syria News) More than 20 members of the Syrian regime forces were either killed or wounded during to their violent attack on Jobar neighborhood in the Syrian Capital, Damascus.

Qasioun News reported, on Wednesday, that the Syrian regime forces launched an offensive on Jobar neighborhood, northeast of Damascus, where violent clashes took place between the government forces and Syrian rebels, amid mutual artillery and rockets shelling.

Furthermore, over 20 members of the regime forces had been either killed or wounded in the clashes that broke out in Jobar neighborhood between the two sides.

Meanwhile, warplanes carried out more than seven air strikes on the neighborhood, resulting significant damage to the area, but no casualties were reported, while several mortar shells fell on the regime-held neighborhoods of Damascus, causing only material damage.

It is noteworthy, Syrian government forces and their affiliated militias are trying to advance into Jobar neighborhood since Monday, however, all their attempts failed.

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