Islamic State threatens attacks in Jordan in new video

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( The Islamic State has released a new video threatening Jordan and urging its supporters to carry out attacks there similar to the deadly one it staged in Karak last December.

Entitled “Be Prepared for Worse”, the militants released a 20-minute video featuring bloody images of brutal execution of five persons, who the group claimed to be Syrian personnel who received a military training in Jordan.

The IS fighters attacked the Jordanian tribes that are accused of disowning their sons who joined the group and battled in Syria. It also posted news about some tribes that ended relations with their sons.

The video also mentioned the Karak attack, which left 10 persons, including seven security personnel and a Canadian tourist, killed and 34 others injured. It also screened remarks by Jordanian officials reviewing the attack.

The video, issued by IS’s Wilayatul Furat, Arabic for Euphrates State, affiliated to the IS, the group mourned Omar Mahdi Zidan, a prominent Jordanian member whose death was reported few weeks ago.

At the end of the video, the group said the recent executions carried out by Jordan’s government against terrorist convicts involved in the ‘Irbid terror cell’ came to reassure the west, adding that this will not guarantee stability for Jordan as sought.

Jordan, a key ally to the U.S. and member of the U.S.-led coalition fighting IS, has been facing homegrown extremism, as hundreds of Jordanians fight along with other Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump pledged during a joint press conference, held in the White House, with Jordan’s King Abdullah, that the fight against the Islamic State will be shorter than expected.


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