Turkey shoots down Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter jet

Representational file photo
Representational file photo

( Baghdad – The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday shooting down a Russian fighter jet ( Sukhoi – 24) in Syria, indicating that the plane was in the Syrian airspace and did not violate the Turkish airspace.

The website Russia Today RT news said in breaking news followed by that “The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed today shooting down the Russian fighter jet ( Sukhoi – 24) in Syria by Turkish fighter jets,” asserting that, “The pilots were able to shed themselves of the targeted plane safely and their fate is unknown until now.”

Turkish military official also said in a statement quoted by Reuters that “The plane received a warning before shooting it down,” adding that “The plane was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter jets after penetrating the Turkish airspace.”


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  1. How many times in how many days have the Rusians been warned about getting to close to the Turk border, now he, Putin, either wont do that again, or he pushes the envelope hard to justify an attack on Turkey in some shape!

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