Turkish soldier killed in armed clashes north of Iraq

Turkish soldier killed in armed clashes north of Iraq
Turkish warplanes

(IraqiNews) Turkish Ministry of Defense announced, on Saturday, that a soldier was killed, while six others were injured, during an operation and clashed with the Kurdistan Workers; Party (PKK), north of Iraq.

In a statement, an official source informed that a Turkish soldier was killed by a missile attack carried out by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, in Bitlis area, east of Turkey, while also added that two other soldiers were injured.

Meanwhile, Turkish Ministry of Defense revealed that two members of the PKK were killed by air strike, north of Iraq yesterday.

Last week, the ministry announced that within its offensive codenamed “Operation Claw”, it killed about 71 members of the PKK by two attacks since May 27.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish army launched the second phase of its offensive (Operation Claw) in the north of Iraq. The offensive started on May 27, in Hakork area, north of Iraq, against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Ankara reported that the “Operation Claw” was aimed at destroying shelters and caves used by the PKK. Turkish forces carried out frequent air strikes on the area, in addition to artillery shelling and ground operations.

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