U.S. Coalition carries out 27 airstrikes against Islamic State, east of Euphrates

International coalition aircraft

Baghdad ( The U.S.-led Coalition jets have carried out a series of airstrikes against Islamic State’s last bastion, east of Euphrates, leaving tens of militants killed.

The strikes came in response to attacks by the militants against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) sites, earlier on the day.

In a statement, SDF said “fierce confrontations broke out between our troops and Islamic State members in Hajin city, in the wake of an attack carried out by he militants against our forces, who managed to repel the attack after inflicting huge losses on them.”
However, “the militants managed to reach to our troops in another region using heavy machines and booby-trapped vehicles. But the forces repulsed the attack, killing many of them, while the rest ran away.”

The statement also indicated that the Coalition “carried out 27 strikes against Islamic State in Hajin city, leaving 49 members killed, locations and weapons destroyed.”

SDF had announced suspending its operations against Islamic State after the Turkish army targeted the troops sites in regional areas, west of Kurdistan.

The last stronghold of Islamic State in east of Euphrates include each of al-Bagouz, Hajin, al-Shaafa, al-Soussa, abul Khater and abul Hassan regions.
In September, each of the Coalition and SDF announced the launch of operations, east of Euphrates.

SDF controls 28 percent of the Syrian lands, becoming the second controller of lands, after the regime forces, which control around 60 percent.

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