Urgent: Assad builds nuclear complex underground guarded by Hezbollah


( Weekly German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ reported in its Saturday issue that Bashar al-Assad is working secretly to build an underground complex to manufacture nuclear weapons.

The factory is located in a mountainous area west of the country (two kilometers from the Lebanese border), according to the magazine, based on “exclusive documents” and satellite photos, as well as conversations intercepted by intelligence agencies.

Der Spiegel explained in the summary of its article issued on Saturday that the site near the city of Qasir is linked to water and electricity.

‘Zamzam’ is the symbolic name of the site. It can be used in the construction of a reactor or a uranium enrichment plant, according to what was said by “western experts” for the magazine.

The Syrian regime has moved eight thousand fuel rods to the new complex, which was dedicated to the secret site ‘Kibar’ that is suspected to have a secret nuclear reactor, according to the magazine.

This site is located in the middle of the desert eastern Syria. It was destroyed by an air raid in 2007 attributed to the Israeli army. Israeli authorities did not confirm absolutely that it was behind the raid.

According to Der Spiegel, the North Korean and Iranian experts are working in Zamzam project. It is supposed that Hezbollah, the supporter of the Syrian regime, is guarding the site.


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  1. Have you joined the western propaganda machine? Sounds like you have. Stop calling our government a “regime”. In English it implies illegitimacy. Would you like me to call your government in Baghdad a regime? Propaganda.

  2. Syrian government is desperately fighting insurgency and is using anything in his hands do defeat them.
    In this situation are they idiots to invest largely in nuclear facility when nuclear bomb wouldn’t help them defeat insurgency?! It’s a waste of resources and they are not idiots like you think.

  3. It is just a propaganda of the western nations who till now are greatest sympathisers of terrorists in Syria, and Iraq and never learn from their mistakes. Further like Israel, Syria also have the rights to have nuclear arsenals as they are a guarantee against any possible invasion of Syria by NATO and its Arab allies.

  4. If this was true, isreal would have bombed it… If you can get an image of it, then they would have too and it would no longer exist… think about it before you write things like this!

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