Accord Movement not to attend meeting at Jaafary’s houseIraqi

Accord Movement not to attend meeting at Jaafary\

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Accord Movement, headed by Ayad Allawi announced that “The Accord Movement will not attend the meeting that will be held at the house of Ibrahim al-Jaafary, the head of the Iraqi National Alliance, on Tuesday evening.

The spokesperson of the Movement, Salah Abdullah said that “At the time we confirm our support to the popular protests in the Iraqi cities we would like to clarify that we have nothing to do with the meeting that is planned to be held at Jaafary’s residence.”

“The policy adopted by the Iraqi Government that is of creating crises and then claiming of trying to find solution necessitates taking resolute stance by the Parliament and all the political blocs to address the defects in the government performance,” Abdullah concluded.

It is worth mentioning that Jaafary has called the leaders of the political blocs to hold meeting at his house on Tuesday to confer about addressing the tensions experienced by Iraq’s political and popular arena.

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