Citizen bloc, Kurdistani Alliance discuss political updates

Baghdad ( The Citizen bloc and the Kurdistani Alliance discussed the political updates as well as the developments between the Federal Government and the Kurdistani Regional Government.

A statement by the Citizen bloc cited “The Citizen bloc met with a delegation from the KA at the parliament on Tuesday,” noting that “Both sides reviewed the challenges faced the political process and the means for confronting them.”

“They also discussed the escalated tension between the FG and the Kurdistan RegionG over the clashes in Tuz Khurmatu district and their consequences,” the statement continued.

“The Citizen bloc called to reduce the tensions, adopt dialogues, resorting to constitution and to avoid the tensed statement to solve the disputes,” the statement concluded.

Earlier, bodyguards of a Kurdish figure and elements of Dijla Operations Command clashed on last Friday in eastern Tikrit city, the capital of Salah-il-Din province and the clashes resulted in killing a civilian and injuring elements of DOC.

The Ministry of Pishmirga within Kurdistan Regional Government denied reports over clashes between its forces with elements of Dijla Operation Command in Tuz Khurmatu district on last Friday morning.

The Ministry quoted its General Undersecretary, Lieutenant General Jabbar Yawer, as saying ”The clashes, which took place on last Friday and resulted in deaths and injuries, were due to a personal problem and it was controlled after that.”

The statement added ”The clashes happened when a person tried to get gasoline form a fuel station and he quarreled with the police elements, then things were escalated quickly and resulted in deaths and injuries.” \

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