Dabbagh: Cabinet amended its decision over Ration Card

Dabbagh: Cabinet amended its decision over Ration Card

Baghdad ( The Spokesman of the Government, Ali al-Dabbagh, announced “The Council of Ministers amended its decision over canceling the Ration Card.”

A statement by Dabbagh’s received by cited on Sunday “The Cabinet amended its decision to serve the Iraqis’ interests.”

“There will be a press conference by the Government Spokesman to explain the decision,” the statement concluded.

It is worth mentioning that an informed source stated to “The Council decided to cancel its decision during its urgent session that is held on Sunday.”

Earlier, an informed source announced, on last Saturday, that the Council of Ministers will postpone the decision of canceling the Ration Card during its meeting on Sunday.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, the source stated “The CoM will hold an emergency meeting on Sunday over its latest decision about canceling the Ration Card and replace it with financial support where it will postpone the implementation of this decision due to the public rejection and the rejection of the Religious authority to it.”

“The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, is embarrassed by this decision that may affect him in the next local elections where he may decide to implement this decision after the elections,” the source added.

“Many of the ministers changed their stance of this decision after the public rejection,” the source concluded.

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