Daini announces collecting 150 MPs’ signatures to government to send Retirement Law draft to parliament

Daini announces collecting 150 MPs\

Baghdad ( MP, Nahida al-Daini, of the Iraqiya Slate announced collecting 150 signatures of the MPs to call the government and the Retirement Directorate to send the Retirement law draft to the parliament to be included within 2013 budget.

In a press conference she held at the parliament building, she said “The new Retirement law draft is not submitted to the parliament year where if we cannot endorse it within 2013 budget, it will not be endorsed in the next period.”

“We called to make 400,000 IQD as the minimal retirement salary in addition to including the retirement service for the elements of the former army from 2003 till now with privileges,” she concluded.

Earlier, Ibrahim al-Rikabi, the member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee stated to “The new Retirement law draft will make 400,000 IQD as the minimal retirement salary.”

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