Delegation of Citizen Bloc visits Maysan province

Delegation of Citizen Bloc visits Maysan province

Baghdad ( A delegation of the Citizen bloc visited Maysan province on Saturday to be acquainted with the project of rehabilitating Maysan province to activate the initiative of the head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim.

The head of the bloc, Baqer Jabur al-Zubaidi who headed the delegation stated to Iraqi News ( “Our visit aim at activating Hakim’s initiative and discuss the step of performing this initiative in order to endorse it in the parliament where Maysan Governor and the members of Maysan Provincial Council acquainted us with the latest development of this initiative.”

“The initiative is adopted by the Iraqi National Alliance and some other blocs,” he added, calling “The Executive Authorities not to ignore it if it will be discussed in the parliament.”

Earlier, the head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, launched an initiative to rehabilitate Maysan Province and called to compensate its people due for damages resulted by the practices of the former regime.”

He assured in a speech delivered for a gathering involved intellectual and prominent figures of Maysan Province “The historical depth of Maysan makes it worthy for our concerns by legislating laws to rehabilitate it due to the damages of the wars of the former regime.”

“This initiative involves three basic sides, first is to improve the agricultural lands which were harmed due to the elimination of the marshes,” he added.

“The second is to remove the mines which are planed randomly during Iraq-Iran war,” he stressed.

“The third side is taking 15% of the oil revenues of Southern Iraq to fund the project of upgrading the province,” he concluded.

Hakim launched several initiatives concerning the political, economic and social issues like his last call to consider Basra province as the Economic Capital of Iraq.

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