Dulaimi: Refusing dialogue keeps Iraq under international guardianship

Dulaimi: Refusing dialogue keeps Iraq under international guardianship

Baghdad ( MP, Kamil al-Dulaimi, of the Iraqiya Slate assured that the continued rejection of the politicians to conduct dialogue will keep Iraq under the international guardianship.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said ” The statements of the United States of America over having a role in settling the current crisis in Iraq in addition to keeping Iraq within the Seventh Chapter of the UN’s Charter in spite of the positive attitiude Iraq has shown to Kuwait, is considered a long-range strategic plan.”

“The USA is searching for a new Middle East to be allying for the US Administrative,” he added, noting that “According to this strategy each President who works to acheive the national aims and contradicts the US Agenda will face many troubles.”

He pointed out “The politicians insist that the political crisis in Iraq can be settled through dialogue, but all sides refuse to conduct dialogue,” urging the politicians to “Show for the people that the government has failed and not serious in settling the crisis.”

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