Fadhila bloc criticizes Dori’s statements against religious authority

Fadhila bloc criticizes Dori\

Baghdad ( Fadhila Islamic Party condemned the statements of MP, Maha al-Dori, against the religious authority.

A statement by the bloc received by on Saturday cited “We strongly condemn the exaggerated impoliteness by Dori when she criticized the religious authority where we consider such behavior as a dangerous and abnormal political one that underestimate the values of the Iraqi people and threatens the morals set by the religious authority.”

“It is clearly shown that Dori is deviated from the normal polite manners that set the religious authorities in a higher position than the politicians,” the statement added, noting that “Such behavior is new to the clear Shiite religious standards.”

“The sacrifices of the Iraqi people to protect the religious authority request the ignorant to stop such statements and apologize in order not to have a social sedition,” the statement pointed out.

“Dori’s leaders must have a stance over her statements and criticizing them in addition to oblige her to respect the religious authority where we have all the means to protect the religious authority,” the statement concluded.

It is worth mentioning that Dori criticized the Religious Authority, Mohammed al-Yaqoubi, for nominating the Justice Minister, Hassan al-Shimmari, who convinced the other ministers to cancel the Ration Card, according to Dori.

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