Germany warns Turkey from attacking Kurds in Syria

German Minister for Foreign Affairs Fran Walter Steinmeier. File photo.
German Minister for Foreign Affairs Fran Walter Steinmeier. File photo.

( Baghdad – German Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned the Turkish government from attacking the Kurds in Syria. The warning came after the attack launched by the Turkish troops on the Kurdish areas, north of Syria.

German Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that his country has warned Turkey from threatening the Kurdish issue, and pointed out that Turkey has to join the war against ISIS not to fight Kurds.

Steinmeier also condemned the attacks launched by the Kurdistan Workers Party on Turkey, and added that the Kurdish forces are also fighting ISIS.


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  1. so what the Turks and their Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists are doing now?! Are not they attack Syrian Kurds and perpetrate crimes against them? Turkish terrorists and ISIS are pushing the SDF towards Minbij and soon Minbij will be in the hand of Al-Qaeda as it was in the hand of ISIS!

  2. YPG, PKK AND ISIS will be no more. Turkish military will end all this terorist organizations at once. Who cares about What Germany says.

  3. Recep,
    First of all , look at the dictionary to see what the word terrorists means!? The true terrorists are Erdogan and his barbaric reciem who keep bombarding civilians including elderly and children alike without discrimination in the Southern Kurdistan- Turkey and Western Kyrdistan- Syria.
    In addition, Turkey is the main support for terrorist ISIS as it’s very clear to everybody how it’s been a safe heaven for them and been used as bridge with Erdogan’s blessing for Western fighters to join ISIS.
    Neither your barbaric Turkish receim nor their military will be able to destroy the endless determinations of the such brave Kurdish fighters and Kurdish people. So if you like it or not, Great Kurdistan is coming and then Erdogan will have to his stubborn head to a thick wall.

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