Governor of CBI calls Siheil to reconsider his resignation

Governor of CBI calls Siheil to reconsider his resignation

Baghdad ( The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Abdul Basit Turki, called the first Deputy Speaker, Qusay al-Siheil, to reconsider his resignation from his post.

Siheil submitted his resignation for personal reasons according to parliamentary source.

In a message to Siheil received by, Turki stated “I find myself forced to interfere to request you to reconsider your decision and I hope my letter to be considered by you to withdraw your resignation request from the parliament chairmanship.”

“I experienced your great efforts in confronting the corruption in the CBI and your help in eliminating the impediments that hinder its performance,” he added.

“I am confident that there are justifications behind your decision to resign but I am sure that you can reconsider them because we succeeded in getting the wrong figures out of the CBI through our collective efforts and I wish to complete this battle together till the end,” he mentioned.

“I wish you all success always to keep on participating us in confronting corruption,” he concluded.

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