Hamoudi rules out relieving Iraqi from 7th Chapter at current stage

Hamoudi rules out relieving Iraqi from 7th Chapter at current stage

Baghdad ( The head of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, Humam Hamoudi, ruled out relieving Iraq from the 7th Chapter of the UN Charter at the current stage.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “There are developments in this regard that could be considered as positive indicators,” noting that “Relieving Iraq from the 7th Chapter will not be accomplished soon as it needs time.”

Iraq is still under the 7th Chapter that consists of 13 articles due to some pending issues.

Hamoudi concluded “The Ministerial delegation that is visiting Kuwait currently discuss exclusively the issue of the Iraqi Airlines to express the seriousness of the Iraqis stance to end this issue as well as other pending issues between the two countries.”

It is worth mentioning that Kuwait denied calling Iraq to directly pay the compensations over the Iraqi Airways issue.

The Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq, Ali al-Moumin, stated to Iraqi News ( “Kuwait did not call Iraq to direly pay the compensations over its debts related to the Iraqi Airways and Kuwait is adherent to all the deals with Iraq regarding the compensations where the interest of Iraq will be one of our priorities.”

Earlier, a source within the Iraqi Transportation Ministry stated to ( that “A delegation of the Ministry headed by the head of the advisor of the Prime Minister, Fadhil Jawad, to Kuwait to discuss the pending issues in the Airways file where Kuwait hesitated in applying the latest deal with Iraq in this issue.”

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