HR Committee calls for Council of State’s support to address judiciary’s bad performance

HR Committee calls for Council of State\

Baghdad ( The parliament Human Rights Committee called the Council of States to cooperate with the Committee to address the obstacles that disturb the judiciary’s performance as being the responsible for the ratification of laws, referring to some weak structures in some legal legislations.

A statement by the HR Committee received by reported that “The head of the Human Rights Committee, Saleem al-Jubouri met with members of the Council of State where they discussed the State Council’s task in enacting the laws and the reason behind delaying sending the ratifications to the Cabinet and the parliament.”

The Council of State’s members pointed out that “The weakness in drafting some legislations is caused by not submitting them to the Council of State.”

The Council’s members also stressed that “There are other issues that take part in disturbing the laws’ ratification related to financial and technical sides, in addition to the few number of the Council of State’s personnel.”

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