ISIS claim responsibility for Nice attack

Bodies are seen on the ground July 15, 2016 after at least 30 people were killed in Nice, France, when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday July 14.
Bodies of the July 14, 2016 terror attack at Nice, France, which killed over 80 persons.

( BAGHDAD – ISIS on Saturday claimed responsibility for the Bastille Day Attack on the seaside promenade in Nice, France, which killed at least 84 people and left around 202 injured. The attack was a response from ISIS to France for the latter’s participation in the US-led international coalition.

In a statement published on an ISIS affiliated website stated, “The man behind the running-over operation in Nice, France, is an ISIS soldier. The attack was carried out to answer the calls for targeting the nationals of those countries who are at war with ISIS as participating nations in the international coalition that is fighting against ISIS.”

It may be mentioned here that the SITE Intelligence Group informed that ISIS had featured its claims for Nice attack in a news bulletin on Al Bayan- its radio station- and it further threatened the ‘crusader nations’ by claiming that they are ‘not safe’.

On Friday, French President François Hollande vowed to intensify air strikes against ISIS after the Nice attack.

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